School Blues: getting out of the summer rut and back on track

Ah, summer is coming to an end for me. No more lazing around in bed, sleeping in oversize shirts and staying up till 4 am watching Season One reruns of MTVs Awkward.
No, it’s time to get serious. It’s time to get organized. It’s time to finally get on with that AP U.S History summer assignment you’ve been neglecting.
Trying to get back into the swing of things isn’t the easiest thing to do. For me, the first day of school at my high school is July 30th, which for most people, is still summer. There’s probably a lot of girls out there dreading the start of summer, but alas, I am here to help.
So how do you do a drop and recover from all those high calorie BBQs, Skin damaging sun rays, dry hair, and an unreachable switch to turn you from ‘summer’ to ‘school ready’? Here’s a list of five tips from me:

1. Take care of your hair.
Good grief my hair looks insane. It’s never been one of my habits to use a brush, but I really should start. Get a haircut, use a deep conditioner, and don’t expose your locks to harsh environments, such as any hair tool with the word -iron in it. No curling irons, no flat irons, no crimp irons etc. By the time school starts your hair will be in great condition.

2. Take care of your skin
The summer is usually the time when we just go ahead and fry in the sun, steep in astringent pool/sea water, and are having so much fun we forget the well being of our most prominent feature: our skin. Use a rich moisturizer to bring your skin back to life. Combined with a body scrub in the shower, you’ll walk calmly in those shorts in school without worrying about your scaly arms and legs. And hands and feet. Blech!!
So school starts in a week and your face has a zit bigger than a speed bump? Never fear! To be honestly honest, the biggest acne cure secret I have is: drink water. Drink water like you’ll never see it again in your entire life. Usually when I get acne even though I wash my face night and day, it’s because I don’t drink enough water for my body to flush out toxins and other gunk that gets into my pores. So now I’m a fluid addict. Decaffeinated tea is also good for the skin, with hydration and the added benefit of antioxidants, so drink up!

3. Get organized.
The bedroom is the window to the soul, right? So how can you focus on your classes (and most importantly, you) if your soul is cluttered up and your favorite dress is missing? Clean out the clutter and the old and prepare for the new. All summer I’ve been throwing out crud I never even knew I had in my room, and by the time school starts again, I will be at peace. Plus, you’ll need to have your clean enough to keep your homework in, and for me, failing because I can’t find my work is not an option.

4. Go on a shopping trip.
Last years outfits? Please. You’re gona need some new stuff if you don’t want to be a–dare I say it?—repeat offender. go buy some new outfits. Even check thrift stores, you can find really cute things, it will surprise you (plus, the denim is already broken in, so you don’t have to go through that uncomfortable my-jeans-are-new-and-kinda-hurting-me phase with your skinnies)

And lastly, and most importantly:
5. Take care of your body.
A healthy body always looks good in new clothes! Start working out if you haven’t already caught on to the fitness craze. And hey, maybe your crush that your way to shy to talk to will like the svelt-er you.


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