Raving Review: Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily Combination Skin

Hi! This is my first review on this here blog, so it’s pretty darn exciting for me. I mentioned this product in my last haul post, and mentioned that I would do a full review on each of those products.  So here is that full review!

Revlon Colorstay foundation for Oily Combination skin doesn’t promise much on the package. It promises only two things: 1) Wears up to 24 hours and 2) Flawless look, lightweight feel. That’s it. Nothing else. The one I bought is for oily combination skin, which is what I have, so naturally this product is oil free. You get 1 oz. of product and it retails from $8-11. I bought mine for around $10.50 at Wal-Mart in the shade 370 Toast.

Today I actually start a dancing job at a cultural tourist attraction (I live in Hawaii, tourism is everything here) and I need a pretty full coverage foundation that will stand the lights, movement, sweat, and hours. Reading a bunch of other reviews online finally convinced me that this was the foundation that I needed in my life. And I was almost right; almost.

When you put this foundation on it sets pretty quickly, making blending it after about 15-20 seconds extremely difficult. I use my Eco Tools foundation brush, but if you wanted to make it a bit easier for yourself, use your fingers. When it came time to wash my foundation brush out, it was nearly impossible. I used baby shampoo, then my own shampoo, and then finally a bar of Irish Spring body soap. And there was still some foundation residue in it. I’m the kind of girl that likes a squeaky clean brush, so that was some thing I really didn’t like. Dirty brushes breed bacteria, bacteria gives birth to blemishes!

Once its set it doesn’t move. Your skin is flawless, even toned, smooth, not sticky, just right. Perfect, even. I don’t use a concealer under my eyes when using this because I find it makes me look extremely cakey if I do. I have terrible dark circles and tragic wrinkles underneath my eyes that are hereditary (mind you, I’m sixteen). This foundation really does the trick in making my face smooth, poreless, even, and just a better looking me. It doesn’t feel heavy at all, although yes, a bit pore-suffocating. But not enough to really clog and ruin your skin. This covered my dark circles, my dots of acne scars, my blemishes, the redness around my nose, and a bit of my beauty marks but not the entire thing. The coverage I would say is Medium-Full Coverage. I don’t have bad skin, but not good skin either. I love it. I love it so, so much. I know that this foundation will stay on while I dance and wont melt off my face.

I was in love. I loved the flawless coverage. And I even loved the wear time. It wore on my skin for about 4 hours without being incredibly greasy looking. It got a little bit shiny on my face after that, but a sheet of blotting paper fixed that right away and I wore this foundation for another four hours without retouching. And that is no small feat, especially coming from the girl whose makeup melts off in about 3 hours tops. This lasted, not the full 24 as promised, but a good 8 hours. And I knew could last at least 12.

Now, the things that I didn’t like so much. The list is small, though, don’t worry.


  • Screw Top Bottle (beauty bunnies all around the internet rave their hatred for the dreaded screw top foundation bottle!)
  • Either I got the wrong shade, or they all have cool-neutral undertones in the foundation.

The screw top bottle made me pour way too much foundation for my face onto the back of my hand. I only needed a nickel sized amount for my entire face, and instead I got a half dollar sized.

Also, here’s a picture of me with the foundation on the back of my hand.

There’s a kind of grayish cast where the foundation is on the right side of my hand. I need a foundation that will photograph well, and not make me look, well, gray. Maybe if I mix it up with one of my more darker foundations it will come out right. What do you guys think? Color too light, or just doesn’t photograph well? Have you had similar issues?

The next time I go back to Longs Drugs or Walmart, I’m going to pick up a few darker shades of this foundation. I love the formula and the wear time, but I can’t have the wrong shade.

Overall Rating: 4.5 (darn my lack of shade picking skills!)

Buy it again?: Yes (And again and again and again)

xoxo Carol

***8/4/12 I also noticed that this does not make me break out at all while using it.


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