Raving Review: Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Heat Wave

Hello there! I’m back and I have a kind of outdated review ( as in like this product came out early 2011 or late 2012) but I’m going to do the review anyways. It’s one of my favorite products and I use it like, every day I wear makeup. It’s just SO pretty.

I’ve had this product for about a year now, and I’ve barely made a dent it it. It’s practically still full, and it will take me quite a while till I use it all up. I love the pretty packaging, the mirrored paint and black designs along the edges. It’s kind of scratched up from being shoved around my makeup bag and collection and stuff, but the case is still pretty sturdy. If you drop it, it will probably break still, because it is a baked product, and those are famously non-resistant to klutzes like myself. So I’m really careful with my baked products.

Sorry about the flash, but I hope you can read it anyway. You get quite a bit of product, and it can be used wet or dry. Sadly, this isn’t paraben free (an almost beauty/health hazard–parabens are found in cancer!) but I don’t have too much of a problem with it since I don’t use much paraben-products anyway. I also love that its cruelty free.

So pretty! This product is once again, baked, with brown tint and gold veining in it. It is really shimmery, but more of a sheen than a shimmer. When you swipe it onto your brush, you get a good amount of pigmentation on it, and shimmer, which is why after like, a year, its still pretty un-dented.

It blends pretty easily, and they have shades for every skin tone. I bought mine for $8 at Walmart. I love this and use it every dayyy.

Rating: 5




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