Rimmel London Clean Finish Foundation

Hey guys! I’m back with a review, and it has been a LONG time since Iv’e done one. Today I have another foundation review ( I have a lot of foundations, I’m looking for the perfect one).


Sorry, the picture is sideways. Whatever, WordPress.

This foundation was way cheap. And I mean CHEAP. It was about $3.50 or something at Wal-Mart, and wherever I seem to go it seems to stay in the $3-4 range. This is what  drew me to it first, because I think I first bought this when I didn’t have a job. And when your a teen without a job, you’re not exactly rolling in the dough.

You get an ounce of product, which is usually how much product you get in most foundations. It comes in a glass bottle, which is kind of nice, but then there’s the dreaded screw top cap. I was kind of disappointed at first because of it, but less so after I actually opened the foundation up. It claims to make your skin 100 % poreless and feel lightweight rather than heavy on the face. The effect they promise is fresh, clean, and natural.

When you open the foundation up, there is a little surprise underneath the cap. Its kind of a spatula, used to scoop the foundation out of the jar, making the wasteful aw-crap-I-poured-too-much-product moments happen less often.

Now for the reality check that is my opinion.

The formula when you actually put it on goes on kind of watery. It seems to be a mostly water based formula, so it melts with the skin pretty nicely.

The bad thing is that it sets very, very quickly. Its kind of like Revlon Colorstay in the way that it sets almost twenty seconds after you put it on your skin. The bad thing about it setting so fast is that if you get the wrong color (which I do all the time and DID do  for this) is that you can’ t blend it as much as you like to make it really fit you. So be careful in your color selection! Mine was too orange.

It does make your face pore less in an airbrushed, natural kind of way. There’s no shimmer, mattifiers, or anything like that. It covers my imperfections very well and feels very light. It has no scent added to it, but it does have a smell which I believe is different for everyone, because of the way you smell and how the product reacts on your face.

The bad thing is, it isn’t oil free. Almost three hours into the day, my oily/combo skin is an oil slick and the foundation literally melts off my face. Um, ew?

I’m not sure whether it is just my skin type or the certain bottle that I got, but I started breaking out like CRAZY while using this. And I have pretty good skin in my opinion, and even the oils in the product didn’t scare me at first. But if you have acne prone/oily skin, this is most definitely not for you. It’s more for people with dry/normal types of skin, who could use a little moisture. Even then, it would probably be best to set this with a translucent powder.

Would I buy this again for myself? While it is a pretty good foundation in terms of price and coverage and feel, it isn’t for me.

Who is this foundation for? Those with dry/normal skin with perfect color choosing powers and a quick hand who need good coverage but don’t want to pay more than $5.







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